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    patch 21340722:R12.XLA.B hung


      Hi All,

      Apply patch patch 21340722:R12.XLA.B  to our OUL6x64 system running ebs12.1.3

      the patch hung at


      from adctrl, i see first the worker 11/12/14/15 were in status of Running and it was an hr

      so i use option 6 to restart those workers but it failed then deferred to workers 1/2/3/4



      Worker  Code  Context        Filename                Status

      ------  --------  -----------------  --------------------------  --------------

      1  Run   AutoPatch R120 xlaapche.pkh            Running
      2  Run   AutoPatch R120 xlajelns.pkh            Running
      3  Run   AutoPatch R120 xlaevevp.pkh            Running
      4  Run   AutoPatch R120 xlaevevt.pkh            Running
      5  Run   AutoPatch R120                             Wait


      When checking invalid objects there are many XLA and AP packages are invalid

      Would someone please advise a solution for this issue.