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    Essbase - OBIEE

    user 1208988

      Hi All,


      This is not the first time I am trying to use Essbase as a source for OBIEE. Never had this issue. I have one BSO cube where Accounts dimension is measure dimension, these Period dimension. And some other dimensions like Industry, Location etc.


      In OBIEE, I have made the measure dimension as Value type and it's a flat structure.


      In my simplest analysis, where I want to see current month's this year and previous year, such as 201501 and 201601 figures and the measure is Profit.


      So, I am trying something like-


      Fact1 = Filter("Measure"."Fact" using "Periods"."Gen3,Periods" = '201501')

      Fact2 = Filter("Measure"."Fact" using "Periods"."Gen3,Periods" = '201601')


      Using two such facts does not render any value, it's says there is no data.


      But using only one fact, any one, does show data.


      Any idea what the reason is? Anyone? Thanks.