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    Installing OBIEE on windows 7


      I have installed  obiee  32 bit on Windows xp several times without any problem. Now I am trying to install obiee on Windows 7 64 bit and I downloaded the files from Oracle OTN.

      I installed the loopback adapter

      Edit hosts file as localhost (I am able to ping localhost)

      Installed jre-7u80-windows-x64

      Installed Oracle database 12c

      When I try to install rcu for Windows 64 bit (downloaded from Oracle OTN) and on the Database Connection page I enter

      Machine Name = localhost

      Port = 1521

      User = sys

      I get an error to enter correct Machine Name or Port Number

      My Machine Name and Port Number is correct. I can access database via sql plus (sql developer is not working though)

      Can you please tell me why I am getting error while installing rcu?

      Do you have any documentation of installing obiee

      Note: When I install database I did not choose it as Container database.

      I even tried Uninstalling Oracle 12c database and then installing Oracle 11g database but still getting error while installing rcu.

      Please reply to me.