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    Configuring OBIE EE 12c with AD/Kerberos and SSO

    Darek Nurzyński

      Dear Experts,

      I'm dealing with problem in configuring OBIE EE 12c with SSO.

      MSO documents are pointing out to some OBIE EE 11g configuration screens which are inadequate in OBI EE 12c.

      In Doc ID 1274953.1 there is:


      Stage 3: Configure BI for SSO


      <Moderator Edit - deleted contents of MOS Doc - please do NOT post such content - it is a violation of your Support agreement>


      but there is no dropdown. There is only The SSO Provider Logoff URL edit box.

      How and where it should be configured ?

      AD/Kerberos Authentication is tested and works fine with klist or kinit commands.

      OBI EE 12C starts without errors with   oracle.bi.system system.user configured with User Name and Password from AD account created for my.obiee.host.

      http://my.obiee.host:9502/analytics/shows HTTP 401 error.


      Could anybody provide me info about what steps could be taken for OBI EE 12c for proper AD/Kerberos and Single Sign-On configuration?