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    Username populated with unreadable characters - EBS 11i





      We are running into a "strange inconvenience" rather than an issue.


      In AppsLocalLogin.jsp the redirect if you put a wrong password, have a timeout or logout will cause that instead of your username a string of characters will be displayed. This is not random, the same user will always get the same string in the username field.


      Example from apache log:

      - - [22/Dec/2015:15:04:00 -0500] "GET /OA_HTML/AppsLocalLogin.jsp?cancelUrl=/OA_HTML/AppsLocalLogin.jsp&langCode=US&username=TktPU0VD HTTP/1.1" 200 8787 0


      This happens to all users , on all browsers. Since this happened a while ago, there's no option for us to rollback the patch and its hard to tell exactly which one causes the issue.

      Patches applied include:







      All of these were prereq for

      ORACLE APPLICATIONS WITH 11I.ATG_PF.H RUP7: CPU PATCH FOR OCT 2015 which was also applied


      Any help is appreciated, Metalink search yielded no results and while we have a SR open, it hasnt been updated in a while so we're looking for alternatives.