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    Oracle Interconnect/Oracle ESB

      I would be grateful if someone could clarify whether Oracle ESB is a different product to Oracle Interconnect. I have seen Interconnect described as an ESB in a lot of places, but 'Oracle ESB' has its own section on the website, so is it a different product?

      Whilst Oracle Interconnect can be downloaded from OTN, Oracle ESB apparently cannot, so is it a product at all?

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          Yes Oracle ESB is different product, and it will be in AS 10.1.3 as integration data bus.
          In differ to InterConnect it is based on open standarts, and suitable for web services integration. As Development tool - it will be JDeveloper plugin, like BPEL PM. It will have console and repository...

          I think ESB will replace InterConnect in 10.1.3, but this is my own opinion...:-)
          Let's wait and see is it so...?