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    Move 5 RAC/2 nodes ASM on AIX to another datacenter


      Hi all,

      we want to move 5 RAC/2 nodes AIX 6.1 nodes from datacenter A to datacenter B with minimum downtime.


      DC A :

      - RAC

      - ASM DG's with NORMAL redundancy (40TB for all DBs)


      DC B:

      - same but ASM DG's with EXTERNAL redundancy on VPLEX METRO


      What are for you the best solutions to move DBs with minimum downtime ?

      - RMAN COPY ==> downtime

      - Dataguard/GODEL GATE ==> $$$$$

      - DC A : recreate DG in EXTERNAL redundancy and then move (EMC repli)  to DC B ==> downtime


      Thanks in advance for your answers.