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    OBIEE 12c. Relative path to the objects in the dashboard

    Frog Toad



      Is it possible use relative path to the objects in the dashboard?


      I want make dashboard in my special folder (all object will be created for dashboard in this folder), next i move this to other folder (for all users). And if i open a dashboard in the new paths, i get error, because objects in the dashboard reference to old path



      I made dashboard and analysis for this dashboard in my special folder "ForPath"


      Next i made analysis, in this folder, and put it in dashboard


      If i open dashboard - it will be work.

      But if i move folder "ForPath" to "Shared Folder" (or in other folder), and try to open dashboard, i get error "Path not found <path_to_dashboard_layout>".

      Can i somehow specify a relative path to the object (in this case to Analysis) in dashboard?