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    ETA for aes256-cbc cipher for ssh tunnelling connection in SQL Dev 4.1.3 ?


      I came looking for info on a feature in SQL Developer 4.1 related to SSH tunnels (which is a great feature).



      I'm getting the same error as this post (already archived or i would have added my comment to that thread). but i am using the latest 4.1.3 release


      Re: Are SSH keys protected by a passphrase supported for SSH tunnels?

      Seems it errors if the private key is encrypted with a password using ssh-keygen -t rsa

      Is there any ETA on adding aes256-cbc cipher for encrypted keys ?

      Also reading from an ssh agent in linux or pageant on Windows the same way Putty and WinSCP do make this security feature even better as would not need to keep reentering the password if the agent is running.


      This feature means the same security keys that permits user specific logins to the linux servers can be used to manage user specific backend access to the database.