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    OBIEE 10g - repository merge help

    Fritz Skinner

      Hello, experts.


      I'm hoping that you may be able to help me with details of a repository merge.


      Specifically, I'd like to bring in only particular presentation catalogs from one repository (repo B) into the other repository (repo A).

      I'd like to keep repo A as it is -- all objects (presentation, BMM and physical) remain the same.  The entire repo A will move into the merged repository.

      I'd like to merge only certain presentation catalogs from repo B into repo A.


      Please note I'd like only the presentation catalogs to move as well; the BMM and physical layers of repo B will be excluded from the final repository.


      I've tried different combinations of the two-way merge and three-way merge to accomplish this, but I'm having difficulty getting only the presentation catalogs of repo B to move.

      I've tried opening both repositories and copying/pasting the presentation catalogs.


      Reviewed many different posts on this topic, but this one seems most relevant.


      Unfortunately, I have yet to find a merge combination that pulls the content together as I'd like -- without manual work of deleting different objects from the merged repository.


      Any tips/suggestions are welcome and much appreciated.


      Thank you - Fritz

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          Not sure what issues you are getting from listed options.


          Lets redo with copy/paste option:

          I assume all groups and users are present in RPD A file to make sure security wise both A and B rpds are same. Considering they are; Can you do each catalog wise copy paste and with global consistency check?

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            Fritz Skinner

            Thanks for your note, Srini.


            I have not checked the groups and users are consistent across Rpd A and Rpd B, but definitely will.  Would you please describe how you would check that?


            Here's the steps I'm following for the copy/paste:

            1) Open Rpd A

            2) Open Rpd B in separate instance of Bi Admin tool.

            3) copy a single presentation catalog in Rpd B and attempt to paste into presentation layer of Rpd A.


            I get this error: Unknown error.

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              Not sure how you are doing copy and paste.

              can you confirm a particular Catalog's BMM model from rpd B is present in rpd A?

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                Fritz Skinner

                I'm doing copy-then-paste on Windows - so it's right clicking a catalog content and copying, then right clicking and pasting into the other repository.  Admin tool does not seem to like it.  Merge feature is typically how I'd bring this data together.


                Yes, the necessary business model is present in the BMM of repo A to support the presentation catalogs of repo B.


                Thanks again for considering and weighing in, Srini.


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                  Fritz Skinner

                  In the spirit of sharing (and hopefully progress), it looks as though -- in my situation -- it will be necessary to first equalize the rpd objects which are the same between repo A and repo B.  Here's a post that I've found helpful.


                  Will update as more experience is available.



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                    Fritz Skinner

                    Have gotten traction on this issue, sharing in case others experience similar issues.


                    After equalizing the repository objects, I am able to copy presentation tables from repo B to a presentation catalog in repo A.


                    There were a couple issues that I needed to overcome:

                    1) equalizing is best practice to ensure that similarly named objects in BMM and physical layers have the same underlying upgrade ID -- so admin tool sees those as same object.

                    2) the copy of an entire presentation catalog was failing because there were elements (presentation columns) -- which had different logical sources.  Those I am reconciling and recreating manually.


                    Thanks for weighing in and helping out.