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    Oracle Alert Truncating Column


      Using EBS R12 and setting up an alert that includes the address. Column Overflow is set to Wrap with a Max Width of 80. However, the City column keeps getting truncated after 5 characters. Here is the format:






      &city &state &zip

      Ship Method:&shipmethod

      Last Updated By:&user


      The results I am receiving:



      Order: 3008177                                                         


      Address:123 MAIN STREET                                          

      SUITE 200

      BERL- NJ 99999


      Ship Method:TRUCK-LTL-Ground

      Last Updated By:JDOE


      The city should be "BERLIN". I've tried setting the Alert Details Max Characters to 10 but it didn't help. The only way I am able to get the entire city to display on one line is for it to be the only column on the line. None of the city names in the alert are more than 8 characters long. City is always 2 characters and zip is always 5. Any idea why this column is behaving this way?