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    Min-Max Planning Scenario-Solution Required


      Hi Gurus,


      Currently, We have one Inventory Organization( A1) configured to use inventory min-max planning to replenish maintenance and repair parts with sourcing setups included ( BPA/ASL/SR/SR Assignment). We are planning a roll-out to include few new organizations so the question is when new Inventory Organization like Ex: (RPO ) has multiple cribs (6) within it  as mentioned below HOW CAN WE USE MIN-MAX PLANNING to work when we have multiple cribs in one inventory organization? Please advise!


      1) RPO Organization

      We have 6 cribs within RPO


      1. Rl1- main crib/ store room for m & s within the actual crib
      2. Rl2- PPE crib located within the actual crib
      3. Rl3- assembly maint crib- for orders only
      4. Rl4- engineering crib- orders only
      5. Rl5- tooling crib- within the actual crib
      6. Rl6- critical spare parts- located within the actual crib