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    ADF Essentials 12.2.1 Glassfish 4 NoClassDefFoundError: org/antlr/runtime/RecognitionException

    Alexis Lopez



      I'm working on an ADF Essentials 12.2.1 application to be deployed on Glassfish 4.1.


      I configured Glassfish with the adf-essentials.zip file that contains ADF Runtime for Glassfish and also with the javax.el.jar and javax.faces.jar recommended in the Configuring GlassFish Server documentation, by the way, the folder where you have to unzip the adf-essentials.zip file is not the one recommended in the documentation, but this one: {GLASSFISH_HOME}/glassfish/domains/domain1/lib/


      Anyway, after successful deployment, if I try to load the web application in my browser I get:


      NoClassDefFoundError: org/antlr/runtime/RecognitionException


      As a workaround I downloaded the jar file (antlr-runtime-3.5.2.jar) containing such class and copied it to {GLASSFISH_HOME}/glassfish/domains/domain1/lib/ along with the ADF Runtime jars....


      It is working now, but why do we need this library and why is it not documented in the Configuring Glassfish documentation?