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    Issue in sending notification to multiple users




      Here is my requirement-

      Add one more level of approval before creating PO receipt. For this

        Send workflow notification to the Project Managers (PO has multiple lines and each line can have different Project ID and corresponding Project Manager)

      1) Create a Adhoc Role from database and add multiple users to it.

      2) Send notification to all the Users added in the Role and wait for all the users to approve it.

      3) If any of the user does not approve the notification, reminder should be sent to remaining users.First Reminder after 2 days, then Second Reminder after 2 days and then third reminder after 1 Day.

      4) If any of the Aprrover rejects the notifiation, the complete notification should be rejected.


      I am able to perform point1 and also notification is going to multiple users but how to handle post notification activities.

      Please share if anyone has already worked on this requirement.


      Thanks in advance