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    ORDS java extensibility



      I need to propagate the authenticated user id to ORDS consumed by AJAX calls. Not using APEX but simply HTML5+ES5 web app deployed as a protected resource in WLS12c. Figured out 3 options:

      1. The naive way: adding manually in the AJAX call the user id as part of the query string or http request variable.

      2. The desirable way: using java extensibility, implementing IPreProcessor to access the http context, noticed by Kris Rice in his "ORDS Best Practices" presentation. Bad news: ORDS developers guide ommits the feature. There are only references to pre and post PL/SQL calls.

      3. Using OHS as front/proxy server as mean for rewriting http requests to add REMOTE_USER as long as the browser keeps sending it.


      So, is there such ORDS java extensibility (some samples will be appreciated) or is there a better way to accomplish the task? Thanks.