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    How to use Global CPA

    Pratik Dey

      Hi All,

      We have implemented a punchout in OU1. We created an approved Global CPA for the corresponding supplier and site and setup the content zone accordingly.

      So we create requisition in OU1 using the punchout and after approval it automatically creates a std PO ref the global CPA .

      Now we want the same thing in OU2.

      We would like to utilize the same store and content zone setup and the same global CPA.


      We have created the supplier site (of same name) in OU2.

      Enabled org of the global CPA. Requesting org : OU2, purchasing Org: OU2, supplier site : the site of OU2

      The content zone has the OU2 listed.


      But now from OU2 we can access the punchout site, but the requisition is being created without the supplier site information and also the source document is also null.


      Are we missing something in the setup or oracle does not allow to do so?

      Do we need to create a new store/content zone and new global CPA for OU2 ?