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    Runtime RPD transformation error importing 11g BAR file to OBI 12c




      I've Installed OBI 12 on Linux and Installation with SampleAppLite ran successfully.


      However, every time I tried to import the BAR file from an existing OBI 11g server I get the same error in the config.sh tool:


      2016-02-09T15:11:26.420+02:00] [bi] [ERROR] [] [oracle.bi.migration.RPDTransformPlugin] [tid: 112] [ecid: 0000LB6A6ea5Me3pzk8DyW1MiSYR000007,0] Runtime RPD transformation failed

      [2016-02-09T15:11:26.466+02:00] [bi] [NOTIFICATION] [] [oracle.bi.migration.catalog] [tid: 112] [ecid: 0000LB6A6ea5Me3pzk8DyW1MiSYR000007,0] RPD Transformation plugin exited with result: false


      I there a way to separately upgrade the RPD?


      My current 11g version I'm exporting is:


      Release Version: Oracle Business Intelligence

      Package: 150103.1256.000