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    Year in web pages are 2-digit with ords 3.0.3

    Sanjeev Chauhan

      Currently we are using Apex Listener 2.0.2 in a non-Apex application. To display 4-digit year in the application web pages, Apex Listener configuration has the following in defaults.xml,

      <entry key="procedure.preProcess">log.before_proc</entry>

      <entry key="procedure.postProcess">log.after_proc</entry>


      log.before_proc has, among other lines of code,



      After doing the same setup in ORDS 3.0.3, we are seeing years displayed as 2-digits in the application web pages. I have confirmed that log.before_proc and log.after_proc are getting called.

      Anyone else seeing this behavior and know what to do. Changing the application to use to_char(date, 'DD-MON-YYYY') all over would be a show stopper.