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    Third Party JDBC Drivers disappearing if attempted to use Data Modeler

    Christos Iraklis Tsatsoulis

      Hi all,


      I am trying to reproduce the steps in this Oracle blog post: https://blogs.oracle.com/datawarehousing/entry/oracle_sql_developer_data_modeler regarding Hive JDBC connectivity. I can successfully connect to Hive and query Hive tables without a problem. However, if I attempt to use Data Modeler (File -> Data Modeler -> Import -> Data Dictionary), Hive connectivity is no more available, and going back to Third Party JDBC Drivers (via Tools -> Preferences) shows that there are no additional drivers listed (although they had just been added and successfully used in the previous step).


      Here are some screenshots


      1) Adding Hive to Third Party JDBC Drivers:






      2) Successful connection to Hive:





      3) Connection properties in Data Modeler ((File -> Data Modeler -> Import -> Data Dictionary) - notice that the Hive tab is now not available:





      4\) Going back to Tools -> Preferences, to check Third Party JDBC Drivers - now empty:






      This behavior is not confined to Hive - the exact same thing happens with the MySQL driver, too.


      Tested in both Windows & OEL 6.6

      SQL Developer v


      Any ideas?


      Many thanks in advance