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    ORDS Listener Java API


      I had asked a question before, Run Web PL/SQL from an ADF Application which hasn’t gotten a response from the ORDS product managers or developers.  This might also have some bearing on nraimond’s question, ORDS java extensibility too.  So, I thought I’d rephrase this in more specific terms:


      ORDS (I’m specifically looking at 3.0.1) comes with javadocs for the Java oracle.dbtools.apex and oracle.dbtools.apex.hooks packages.  Is it supported to write your own servlet that uses oracle.dbtools.apex.OWA ?  If so, is this documented anywhere? Is there sample code?


      I just want to use the listener part of ORDS from within my application.  I’m not really trying to write my own version of the listener – but I need it to run under the same authentication and authorization as the rest of the application.  So it needs to be within the same .WAR – so I can’t use ords.war directly – at least I don’t think I can.