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    FDMEE - How to load same source record to 2 different custom members in HFM


      Hi Experts,

      We have the following situation:

      We need to load a single source record into an End Balance custom 2 member as well as a two a rollforward movement custom 2 member (Additions, for example), of the SAME Account.

      In our GL we have separate accounts for additions, depreciations, disposals, etc.   In HFM, we use Custom members for these.

      I've tried multi-dimentions mappoing to map to a specifc custom 2 member based on the account.   It works fine, but when I add another condition using the same source account and map to the end balance member, it only ends up populating one of the custom 2 members (whichever was processed last during the import).

      What would be the best way to load a single source record to 2 custom members (same account)?

      I wanted to use Logic Accounts since I know that would work, but our finance team won't accept this approach.

      Is it even possible to load the same record to 2 different HFM members?  Even if we loaded the same file a second time in another location, I think it would still replace what was loaded the  first time, instead of loading again to a different custom member in the same account.  Even if we loaded to HFM on "merge"?

      Any ideas at all would be appreciated.

      Mark Smith

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          Why won't your finance team accept the approach of logic accounts? This is the obvious solution to your problem. In FDM or FDMEE you can only load on piece of data to one target intersection. If you want to load the same piece of data to multiple target intersections then you need to have that piece of data repeated in the source data nad then you will still need something in the source that could uniquely identify each of those copies so you could map appropriately. As mentioned that is one of the primary functions of logic accounts, other approaches are likely to be messy, more prone to error and a lot more difficult to audit.

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            Hi SH,

            Thanks for your reply.

            I agree with you 100% that logic accounts are the way to go here.  I was just trying to find out if there were any other approaches that would be relatively straightforward and easy to implement.

            Other approaches would definitely not be elegant and would involve scripting and probably rewriting file or copying data records via scripts which to me are non-starters.

            You reinforced my opinion.   I'll develop my solution using logic accounts.