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    AME is looking at both the rules !


      Hi Team,


      Greetings !


      We have done with our preliminary setups of AME.We are facing a peculiar issue here.


      We have defined two rules , Rule : 1 and Rule : 2



      Rule 1 : For all the Items :


      User 1 creates a PR > Approver 1 > Approver 2


      Its should go to Approver 1 and then Approver 2 .


      Rule 2 : If Item category as "Explosives"


      User 1 > Approver 3 > Approver 4


      While testing when we are creating a PR its combining both the rule, Means document is going to Approver 1 , Approver 2 , Approver 3 and then Approver 4 and then its getting approved.


      How to resolve this. Please advice.




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          Hi John,

          When you are using AME any Rule that has matching Conditions to the transaction (Requisition) will be applied which is why this is happening where Rule 1's approvers are being put on the Requisition.    You can create a new Boolean type Attribute in AME and write sql that returns a True value when the Item Category is not Explosives.  Then create a Condition for this new Attribute = True.   Then add that Condition to Rule 1 and that way Rule 1 will only be applied when this Condition is applicable. If you need more details please let us know