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    Reduce DAC ETL Execution Time




      For Data loading through DAC ETL takes more than 2.30 hours. Earlier it takes only 50-70 mins.


      Environment - DAC & Informatica 9.0.1 HF2.


      Wanted to reduce the execution time.


      As new to DAC & Informatica, kindly suggest from where to start and what are all the possibilities to reduce the execution.


      Thanks a lot for your inputs.

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          Gianni Ceresa


          Just buy a bigger server...


          OK,  forgetting the initial joke I will say your first and only activity is to understand exactly what happen when doing the load. What the process is and where the 150 minutes are spent.

          Only after you can ask yourself how to improve that as there is no secret a option like load_fast_please=42 to set and problem solved.

          After an analysis of what happen in detail you will maybe also find that it's perfectly normal that it's taking 150 minutes because you have 10 times more data than when it worked in just 60 minutes.


          The firsts mandatory step is to know exactly where time is spent and compare to the same analysis of when it took half of the time to see if the increase is normal because of external changes or not. And at that point you will also know where it's probably the most efficient step to focus on (trying to identify where to spend 20% of time to improve 80% instead of investing 80% to improve just 20%).


          Any random answer without analysis is like lottery : many plays but generally only one win (or no one as well),  all the others just lost their money (and made they setup worst)