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    getpwuid_r() wasn't found in library


      I have a binary application compiled with "cc" (solarisstudio12.4) and instrumented with "discover" (also solarisstudio12.4). The application is running on Oracle Linux Server release 6.4 machine. When I try to run the application the following error occurs:

      Internal error in file ../src/tools/libdiscover/libc_wrapper.c at line 3077: getpwuid_r() wasn't found in library.

      dumping stack:

              skgpgetinfo() + 0x92

              dbgroud_oradiag_user_dir() + 0x3a

              dbgrgad_get_adrbase_directory() + 0x180

              kpeDbgGetInitFileParms() + 0x1dc

              kpeDbgGetInitFileParmsAndInitDBGC() + 0x2d

              nlstddd_do_alter_diag() + 0xb4

              nlstddt_do_alter_trace() + 0x250

              nlstdggo() + 0x2e9

      aborting...Abort (core dumped)


      Any ideas on what am I doing wrong here?