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    Time Series Calculation Functions don't work




      I have question about Times Seriec Calculation and Time Hierarchy.


      When I use AGO function, the results not show.


      My formule for AGO is:


      AGO("Fact_OM_DATA"."SOLD_HOURS", "TIME"."Dim_XX_W_CZAS_DDim"."Month", 1)


      And I don't get any error with bad syntax. Therefore, I think it's a problem my time hierarchy.

      My Time Hierarchy look like:

      I have in each leve check: Chronological Key, for example for year:


      Or month:



      And my Dimension for Time:



      I would add that I use OBIA and original hierarchy running everything correctly, but on their own hierarchy can not see the results.


      Does anyone know what the problem might be?