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    ORA-01031- insufficient privilege


      I have done my search regarding to my problem but couldn't find a helpful answer.


      Here is the problem description:


      I am using ORACLE EBS R12 on my linux redhat server.  What I want to achieve is that I have production server that has DB and apps server and my ultimate goal

      is that I want to clone it to the test server.   However, as for now, I am aiming to clone the DB part only (with out shutting down the production or any services).  So,

      here is how I am aiming to approach the problem:
      1- Copying the oracle_home from production to test server. (I did it).

      2- On the production, creating pfile from spfile and then copying it to the test server . ( I did it).
      3- Connecting to the DB in test server as sys user to start the db in nomount option using that parameter file I copied from the production.

      4- Starting up the DB using mount option.
      5- to restore the control file from RMAN backup.


      Now, I am stuck in step No. 3.  I can't connect to ORACLE DB using "/as sysdba" and I don't have the password.  I am only able to connect to the DB using apps user.

      So, whenever I try to connect using /as sysdba (after I set the environmental variable) , I get  ORA-01031: insufficient privilege.  I have done my search here and there

      and modified my oracle user and assigned it to dba group ($usermod -G <dba_group_name>  <oracle_user_name> but that goes without fixing the error.  After that, I

      desperately tried to modify the content of sqlnet.ora in $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin  to comment the line "SQLNET.AUTHENTICATION_SERVICES" as some article

      suggested but it didn't help.


      Can you please help and give the solution and as to why I am encountering this error?



      Keep in mind that I am able to connect using /as sysdba in the production server.  My problem mentioned above is in the test server.


      Thanks in advanced.