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    OBIEE 11G ANALYZE permissions


      Hi All, How to give analyze/edit permissions on some of the dashboards to the users?











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          You must have sure your user was assigned to the correct BI Role


          BI Administrator - Can edit, modify dashs, reports and RPD

          BI Author - This guy can create content, analyze and publish that on a dashboard

          BI Consumer - This can only view constructed contents


          Knowing that you can configure your dashboard or your analisys to show up your links (Analyze, edit ...)


          To configure default links for dashbord (general)

             Edit dashboard > Tools > Dashboard properties > Dashboard Report links

             Select Print , Export etc options click ok button and save dashboard


          This will set it for each analyses, so you can print / edit/ refresh individual analyses, to configure that, edit your analysis publication and define which link you want to see


          Felipe Idalgo

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            Felipe, Thanks for your update.If i give BIauthor role then the user will be able to see all the dashboards/reports with the Biauthor subject areas.


            The user has the below roles.







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              Can anybody give some inputs please?

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                Christian Berg

                What you need to check is whether the roles this user has actually have the necessary privileges assigned to them and the necessary read/write rights on the folder structures wherein the dashboard and the objects reside.

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                  Thomas Dodds

                  Given your reply looks like you need a Role that is more than BI Consumer and a little less than BI Author ... so create a LDAP group, create a EM Application Role and add the new LDAP group to it.

                  (make this new role a member of BI Consumer [so this role can do all a consumer can do]),

                  then add this role to any additional functionality you want ...


                  the result is BI Consumer + [your choices].  Put people in this role via the LDAP group, and not in BI Consumer or BI Author (don't double populate).


                  Perhaps call it:  BI Analyze

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                    Thomas, thanks for your input.It was helpful. But for this BI Analyze->Role should have all the permissions in BIconsumer+My choices(How to add my choices to this role?) These choices should come from BIAuhor???Can you please explain? My Requirement is user wants to change the reports + Access reports. Thanks R

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                      Thomas Dodds

                      Then you just need the 3 BI Roles (Admin, Author, Consumer) and you need to add subject & object specific roles to control content access.


                      Finance Author is someone in BI Author and Finance Roles ... HR Consumer is someone in BI Consumer and HR Role.


                      You can plan out roles to handle:


                      Subject Area Access Roles (for BI Authors)
                      Dashboard Access Roles (for both BI Authors and BI Consumers)
                      Catalog Folder Access Roles (for BI Authors who want to save content for others to look at which is not published to the managed dashboards)


                      I strongly encourage you to plan out your Security Roles in Excel so you can 'see' (talk through) the effective permissions.  It also helps explain the security model to end users, managers, etc.