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    Rebuild my EBS DB Standby


      Hi ALL,


      EBS R12.2.4


      OL 6.5



      This morning in our PROD server, we encounter archive log full issue which froze the instance, hence I the archive log was disabled just to make the PROD resume its process.

      All the archive logs accumulated for the week are then removed (almost 1Tb size) to freeup space.

      The cause of the issue was that someone edited the cron and inadvertently removed the script that run maintenance of deleting old backups.

      I then re-enabled the archivelogging and take online backup immediately.


      Now I need to rebuild our standby database since the archivelogs were reset.

      Since I already have an RMAN backup, I only need backup of standby control file.


      My question is, which standby control file backup can be used to rebuild our standby database?

      Is it the  controlfile backup taken before the database backup, or the controlfile taken after the database backup?



      Kind regards,