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    EBS R12.2 WF_NOTIFICATIONS queries


      Dear Friends,


      Please help with below :


      In WF_NOTIFICATIONS table what does below signifies :

      status = OPEN
      mail_status = SENT

      Does this status get changed later point of time or remain in OPEN status only ?
      Is it safe to purge notifications with status OPEN ?

      Any other suggetion on how to purge the old wf_notifications ?


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          The workflow process associated with these notifications must complete and the notifications will be closed automatically.

          Then you can run the request "Purge Obsolete Workflow Runtime Data" to remove all closed workflow information including the notifications.




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            Thanks Bashar.


            Below is the snapshot of table.


            SQL> SELECT COUNT(*), message_name,message_type FROM wf_notifications WHERE STATUS='OPEN' AND mail_status = 'SENT' GROUP BY  message_name,message_type;

            COUNT(*) MESSAGE_NAME                   MESSAGE_

            -------- ------------------------------ --------

                 155 PO_PO_HAS_BEEN_APPROVE         POAPPRV

                 341 RESET_ERROR_MESSAGE            WFERROR

               74188 DEFAULT_EVENT_ERROR            WFERROR

                   3 NOTIFY_PDF_ERROR               POAPPRV

                  12 USER_PREF_UPDATE_REPORT        WFMAIL

                   2 FYI_MESSAGE                    CS_MSGS

                   2 PO_REQ_APPROVE_SIMPLE_JRAD     POREQCHA

                   2 PO_REQ_REJECT_JRAD             REQAPPRV

                 152 PO_REQ_APPROVE_SIMPLE_JRAD     REQAPPRV

                 237 XXTB_PO_DOC_CREATED            CREATEPO

                   5 OAFWK_MSG                      WFTESTS

                   4 XXTB_DOC_FAILED_VAT_CHECK      REQAPPRV

                 384 EMAIL_PO_PDF                   POAPPRV

                  12 NEW_PO_CHANGE_JRAD             PORPOCHA

                 121 PO_REQ_CHG_RESPONSE_JRAD       PORPOCHA

                   1 MSG_GRANTED_PROXY              UMXPXYNF


                   7 XXTBO_FUND_CHECK_WARN_MSG      REQAPPRV

                 249 PO_REQ_APPROVED_JRAD           REQAPPRV

                   1 NO_APPROVER                    GLBATCH

                   5 PLSQL_MSG                      WFTESTS


            As per I know, if the WF is errored then it will go to WFERROR queue , how come we have WFERROR records with mail_status as SENT. If the mail_status is SENT what further processing is left to close the event. Can you please throw some light on this particular message "DEFAULT_EVENT_ERROR".




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              Searched for this on Metalink and found below note :


              How to Close and Purge excessive WFERROR workflows and DEFAULT_EVENT_ERROR notifications from Workflow (Doc ID 1587923.1)


              Followed the note and closed the Open DEFAULT_EVENT_ERROR notifications.



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