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    Rest - Type of installation - Question


      We are using OWA with stored packages.

      We currently use mod/plsql to display the dynamic HTML pages on an apache website. On the same server also Oracle Forms and Reports are installed.

      We found out that on FMW version 12.2 mod/plsql is not supported anymore and customers need to switch to REST.

      Now I'm trying to figure out how this conversion can be done. I have found documentation explaining how to install Oracle Rest.

      Again I will need REST installation to be on the same server as Forms and Reports 12.2.

      My question is the following:

      I downloaded Forms and Reports 12.2. When running the config.sh to create the domain for Forms and Reports on Page 2 the Product Templates page I'm prompted to select products. In this page, along with other products there is a product (Oracle OPSS REST Service Application).

      If I include this product along with Forms, Reports and OHS, will I be able to use it and connect to OWA? Is this what is needed or do I have to make a separate installation of Oracle REST?

      Thank you

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          Dietmar Aust

          Hi user12000827 (a name would be great),


          I don't think "Oracle OPSS REST Service Application" is the REST layer you need to use. We are rather talking about Oracle REST Data Services .


          Just recently somebody asked the same question on twitter, here is the screenshot of a sample installation and where to say yes and no:



          In this sample I configured just a pl/sql gateway / connection pool (comparable to a dad) for the schema TRAINING. I did not configure APEX nor did I configure any REST services. This is the most basic setup.


          A few things won't work with ORDS compared with mod_plsql, e.g.:

          • File / Upload / Download (here is a workaround available since an apex upload procedure is hardcoded in ords, you can use the same procedure with the required signature in your schema)
          • Custom authentication is not supported
          • Prompting for username/password and authenticating against the database is not supported


          Aside from that most things work and ords is definitely stable enough to move away from mod_plsql.




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            Hello and thank you for your update. It is very helpful.

            My name is Andreas by the way.

            Just to reply on your comments.

            On our website we use owa_custom package with authorise function. This procedure reads a username and password from the database. Once the browsers login pops-up the user enter his credentials which are validated against the database table and he logins. We also connect this username with other tables in the database which identifies the user to us and brings his own data.

            As I understand from your comments this cannot be done now. Correct. The workaround will be make a custom login page?