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    Praveen. A

      HI All,


      when i am trying to import a data file have special character its  getting fail in FDM


      even i am trying to execute from batch its failing


      my data file naming conversion is like this


      a@USACT@ACTUALS@JAN - 2016@RR.csv

      a@USACT@ACTUALS@JAN - 2016@RR.txt


      i have tried csv and txt also its not importing. When i click import i am getting object variable error


      when i change my file name  is like below i am able to import from FDM webclient

      aUSACTACTUALSJAN - 2016RR.csv (Special character removed - "@")

      aUSACTACTUALSJAN - 2016RR.txt (Special character removed - "@")



      is there any setting in fdm where i can unable for loading special characters in file name



      thanks in advance