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    MQ Adapter Setup Question

      We are new to use Oracle Interconnect.
      We are not able to get MQ message from iAs after we setup MQ Adapter by following MQ Adapter instruction. No any error message in log.
      1) What we may need check
      2) Do we have to setup events before MQ Adapter can get message from MQSeries ?
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          Babu George-Oracle
          The possibilities are the MQ adapter is not running correctly or the host machine where MQ server is installed is not reachable or the MQ queue manager is not up etc...

          Please do the following steps to find the error.
          1. Set agent_log_level to 2 in adapter.ini file and restart the adapter.
          2. Look at the log file for the exact error.

          Try to ping the host machine where MQ server is installed.

          Check whether the queue manager is up and running in MQ server.