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    How to enable AME at Organization level?


      We would like to use AME in purchasing application for North America Organization but don't want to use it in South America Organization.


      Thus, I want to set AME: Installed as 'Yes' at Organization/Operating unit level? How can this be done? When I tried setting it via System/Functional administrator, I couldn't do it as this option was disabled.


      Please suggest how this can be done.

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          I further checked the hierarchy level of this profile (AME: Installed) and realized that it follows Security hierarchy and hence it doesn't have Organization in the Access level. I want to change the hierarchy type to 'Organization'. What are the consequences of changing this? Will it have any negative impact on how AME works? Please share your suggestions.

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            If you are going to be using AME at all in any part of your organization you need to have profile  AME: Installed  = Yes at site level


            1) For Requisitions, via the Document Types page (which is OU specific) you can have AME turned "On" by populating field Approval Transaction Type = PURCHASE_REQ for the OUs where you will use AME.   For OUs not using AME leave this field NULL.


            2) For POs it is different -- will you be using AME for POs also?     What version exactly of EBS are you using?  Is it 12.1.3 or 12.2.3 or 12.2.4 ?    Please confirm