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    db restore in ebs


      Dear All,


      Greetings !


      Hope all are doing good.


      Like always you people help me this time also i need your help.


      In company we have two nodes for ebs 

      1)Db on one node

      2)Oracle Applications on another node.


      Daily we take full db backup with RMAN .


      I need your help in 2 scenarios.




      1.how to restore and recover database using  RMAN backup ,when the db tier gets crashed ? Also,can i copy the test oracle software from test to the server whose recovery is to be done? Do i need to run adcfgclone script on db-tier, after db is restored and before starting the applications?


      2.how to restore apps tier,when apps tier gets crashed? after restoring apps tier do i need to run adrelink script on appstier before starting the application services.





      1.how to restore the db using imp at db level in ebs 12.1.3? what schemas ,tablespaces need to create before importing?



      your help will be appreciated ,thanks in advance.



      os:RHEL 6.1




      thanks & regards.