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    OBIEE database migration from DB2 to Teradata


      Hi All,


      I am BO resource and new to OBIEE. here I need your help to resolve the below issue, which i am facing right now.


      Project: this is database migration from DB2 to Teradata. In that OBIEE is used one among the reporting tool. Based on my Obiee understanding i have done the below changes on the repository (RPD) for this migration.


      Version Details:

      OBIEE 11g

      Teradata: 15



      1. Connection Pool changes from DB2 to Teradata.

      2. Renamed the DB2 Schema name to Teradata database name.

      2. OPAQUE views SQL changes from DB2 to Teradata.

      3. Variables SQL replaced with Teradata SQL.

      4. Stored Procedures were used in the RPD, Qualifier name changed according to the Teradata DB naming in the call statement.

      4. finally uploaded the RPD to Repository for the report testing.


      Result: all the reports were running fine, except Stored procedure related reports.

      Issue: Procedure related reports throwing error (EX: expected columns doesn't exist. But the Stored Procedure is working fine in Teradata)

      Main thing is that, call interface is default ODBC3.5 is used.


      Kindly help me to provide the solution for this issue and let me know if i need to change anything additionally.