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    IF fnd_log.level_statement >= fnd_log.g_current_runtime_level


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      Can anyone clear me the below condition

      We need a log messages to be printed in fnd_log_messages table to debug a PVT pkg


      Debug mess condition in pkg is as below.

      IF fnd_log.level_statement >= fnd_log.g_current_runtime_level




                         g_module_current || '.CREATE_CONTRACT_IBREPLACE',

                            'Service Start Date = '

                         || p_kdtl_tbl (l_ctr).service_sdt

                         || '

                                                 ,Service End Date = '

                         || p_kdtl_tbl (l_ctr).service_edt

                         || ', lse_id= '

                         || p_kdtl_tbl (l_ctr).lse_id


                  END IF;


      So what will be the profile options for this particular condition?

      we have already set these...

      FND: Debug Log Enabled YES

      FND: Debug Log Filename NULL

      FND: Debug Log Level STATEMENT


      But its not working.



      Thanks in advance