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    how to restore preferences?

    Dear DBA Frank

      My workstation at work was formatted and a new version of Windows installed (Windows 7 pro).  I had saved the "java8" and "sqldeveloper" folders.  I restored both of them on the newly-formatted workstation, and started D:\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper.exe.  SQLDeveloper started fine, asked whether to import preferences from an ealier version but the list of available versions was empty.  Then SQLDeveloper opened up fine, but I've got no connections, no user reports, and my preferences are set to the defaults (I've lost all my customizations).

      So I've got 2 questions:

      1. have I missed something in my procedure?
      2. how can I restore my reports and my preferences (I have an export of my connections so I should be able to restore them)?