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    FDMEE Error 3303.  Data Load job still should be able to finish successfully despite ERROR 3303.


      I am experiencing issues on  FDMEE version We are getting ERROR 3303 when loading data to Hyperion Planning from Oracle EBS GL. Despite the numerous blogs and OTN discussions that say that I need to add the entity or account to Hyperion Planning to make the data load successful, I don't think this is true.  We are currently on ERPi and the data load completes successfully and therefore gives us a green check mark in the 'Status' column.  However if you look at the Log, you will see numerous ERROR 3303 in the log.  This leads me to believe that data can be loaded successfully even if there are invalid entities and accounts in the target (Hyperion Planning).


      We are testing FDMEE and we are getting ERROR 3303 when loading data from EBS to Hyperion Planning and therefore there is a red circle in the Status column.  I am asserting that ERROR 3303 should not matter and that an invalid entity is not the cause of my data load erroring out.  Instead, it is caused by something else.  It would be nearly impossible and or impractical to add the thousand of entities we don't even need to Hyperion Planning just to make the error 3303 go away.  In theory, the loading of data into Hyperion by FDMEE should work like a load rule.  If there is an invalid entity or account in the target application, it should write it to a log; but it should definitely not cause the load rule to fail.


      Am I wrong on this ?