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    SQL Developer..um.. opportunities


      Hello, I've been using SQL Developer constantly for a couple of years and have noted many issues with its functionality. 


      An Oracle rep onsite told me the SQL Developer PM reads this community board.  Is that true?  What is the proper forum for end-user DBAs to report enhancement opportunities or bugs in SQL Developer?


      I have about 20 items I've been documenting, and I'll provide one of them here:


      17) SQL Developer ignores the preference setting for default directory for sql files.  It also never remembers the directory you were last in when you open files.  The default directory is always C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\SQL Developer\system4.\o.sqldeveloper.\projects.  Frustrating to have to navigate to the dir you're working in every time you need to open a SQL file.




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          Ok I'll back off from never remembers the folder it opened last.  Most of the time it does not, I'd say 90% of the time or more it does not.

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            Gary Graham-Oracle

            In your first image, note that the preference setting applies only to the Worksheet's run script syntax:


            In the second image, note that some recently used folders do actually appear along the left edge Open dialog. Selecting one of those is fairly convenient.

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              Yes, it's true.


              That preference isn't what you think it is.


              It tells us where to look for scripts when you do


              @script.sql --F5 in a worksheet.


              What version are you running? Most of the file open/save dialogs SHOULD NOW be remember the last directory where you opened for saved a file. Additionally those previous directories should be listed down the left hand side above where you see Desktop and My Documents. We're also adding drop-down controls to file selectors and giving you previous filenames used in those dialogs.


              The proper place to file bugs and enhancement requests are My Oracle Support.


              You can also email me your kitchen sink list and I'll try to give you my best answer to them at jeff.d.smith@oracle.com



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                Hi, Gary -- Thanks for taking the time to respond.  Sorry, what do you mean, "the setting applies only to the Worksheet's run script syntax"?  I do not see "@myscript" anywhere in either screenshot.  Thanks again, I'll look forward to your reply

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                  Hi, Jeff -- thanks for the reply.  You can understand how as an end-user, I think that opening a file is clicking the little yellow open folder in the upper-left, or selecting File/Open.  Surprised to hear there's an unexpected meaning of "Select default path to look for scripts". 


                  Upon further poking around I see that F5 is for toggling breakpoints and as far as I can tell doesn't have anything to do with a file dialog.  In experimenting with source code open in a worksheet F5 indeed toggles breakpoints.  Can you explain a little further, please?


                  I'm running SQL Developer version, Build MAIN-20.78.


                  I'll format my list for human consumption.  Right now it is not concise enough to send to you, but I'll clean it up and get it out ASAP.

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                    the preference could be worded better for sure


                    F5 is mapped by default to execute the sql worksheet contents as a script - unless you're in a procedure editor, then it toggles breakpoints

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                      Gary Graham-Oracle

                      Sorry if my style of using quotations in posts misled you -- I was not referring to anything in your images, but rather one way to run scripts in SQL*Plus or in a SQL Developer worksheet.  See the START, @, @@ syntax in...



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                        Oh, I get it.  Light comes on.  No I have never once ran a script in a sql worksheet by specifying "@<script name>".  But I get what you mean.  Thank you for clarifying.


                        My scripts (as I'm sure yours) are stored in long paths (u:\sql\this client\this particular task\this list of tables or business function").  I didn't even know one could run a script this way!  But i want the default path to be something like "u:\sql" then I can navigate from there.  This is a pretty fundamental feature for modern software that is absent from SQL Developer!


                        Thanks again for your time.

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                          Hi, Jeff --


                          Yes sounds like I should I open an SR.


                          Forgive me: what modern software doesn't allow you to specify a default path for a file open dialog? 

                          Anyway thanks for your time.  More to follow.


                          Have a great day!

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                            Gary Graham-Oracle

                            The File > Open behavior is something we inherited by basing our IDE on the Oracle JDeveloper IDE. The way it works is...

                            1. If you already have a file opened, say U:\sql\abc.sql, and it has the focus, then clicking File > Open defaults to U:\sql

                            2. The Open dialog's toolbar has left/right arrows to help in navigating through deep directory structures, revisiting where you have been.

                            3. The left edge of the Open dialog remembers the last 10 directories you opened files in, plus Home, Desktop, and Documents.


                            So although there is no preference to set a default directory for Open, perhaps this description of its behavior will help.


                            If you want to get really fancy, you can always "seed" the product-preferences.xml file in your user settings with the directories you wish URLFileChooser to list.  Look for something like....

                                  <hash n="URLFileChooserPaths">

                                     <list n="DEFAULT_CONTEXT">

                                        <url protocol="file" path="/D:/Dev/sql9/now.sql"/>

                                        <url protocol="file" path="/D:/Dev/sql8/now.sql"/>

                                        <url protocol="file" path="/D:/Dev/sql7/now.sql"/>

                                        <url protocol="file" path="/D:/Dev/sql6/now.sql"/>

                                        <url protocol="file" path="/D:/Dev/sql5/now.sql"/>

                                        <url protocol="file" path="/D:/Dev/sql4/now.sql"/>

                                        <url protocol="file" path="/D:/Dev/sql3/now.sql"/>

                                        <url protocol="file" path="/D:/Dev/sql2/now.sql"/>

                                        <url protocol="file" path="/D:/Dev/pstr.sql"/>

                                        <url protocol="file" path="/D:/Dev/sql1/now.sql"/>