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    Oracle Spatial and Graph Support for Graph Visualization using Cytoscape

    Bill Beauregard - Oracle-Oracle

      Cytoscape 3.2 (Cytoscape) is an open source graph visualization tool. Oracle Spatial and Graph 12c support for Cytoscape 3.2 (support for Cytoscape) allows users to visualize World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Resource Description Framework (RDF) graphs stored in Oracle Database 12c using the Cytoscape “App” (formerly called plugins) architecture. Large RDF data sets can be stored in Oracle Database 12c and viewed efficiently as subsets, summaries and samples with the support for Cytoscape. Subsets create dynamic and static views of a portion of a graph or subgraph. Summaries capture the essence of a graph. Summarized data can be expanded on demand, letting you create hybrid (summary-detail) fisheye views of RDF data. Sampling creates a representative sample of the RDF data to further optimize visualization of a large dataset.

      Customers can download the support for Cytoscape from My Oracle Support (Bug ID: 22126679, Patch Id: 19886166). Download an evaluation copy and access the documentation on OTN at RDF Semantic Graph Licensed Software


      The Oracle Spatial and Graph Team