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    obiee dashboar prompt




      I have a requirement of hiding particular column from the report based on the dashboard prompt.

      Eg there are 2 categories for cloth type prompt let 1. male

                                                                                 2. female

      if I click Male it should only show the column of male clothes

      and similarly if i choose female in the drop down it should show me the value of female dresses.


      I have tried using presentation variable
      but it is showing error
      Is there any other approach,,,,




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          Yes, you could use presentation variable for this.


          What error do you get? Please description.


          More info: http://gerardnico.com/wiki/dat/obiee/presentation_variable_use


          Or you can use for example column selector when you choose between male/female colummn.

          It depends how you hold data for male/female? Do you have two columns male and female or in one column do you have value male and female?

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            Christian Berg

            3018071 wrote:


            I have tried using presentation variable
            but it is showing error


            What error is it showing? What have you done EXACTLY in terms of configuration? How is your data stored? What's the data relationship between male and clothes? Just two levels of a dimensional hierarchy or attributes of the same logical dimension table?


            Your requirement is extremely common so instead of looking for an alternative solution it's better to search for the reason that the solution which works for everyone else isn't working for you.

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              Thanks Chorachy,Christian


              But it seems i am not properly describing the issue


              let there are 2 columns in a table


              1.Table                                                2.Table

              gender    clothes_type                                cloth type      unit price

              male       shirt



              female     skirt





              now the requirement is like i have to create 2 prompts 1.gender

                                                                                              2.cloths type


              when i click gender as male it should show only the 3 values for men clothes type in the prompt drop down.


              and i can also be able to chose from those clothes type.


              the output will be unit_price for clothes_type





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                Christian Berg

                So as I assumed in my reply no need for any variables at all. Your first table just becomes the dimension with "Gender" being the one level above "Clothes_Type" and everything will just work peachy with standard functionality, no coding, no variables.

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                  ohh you mean i have to create a hierarchy???


                  then it will work fine??


                  lemme try it