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    cloning Finishing Tasks



      in this document

      Cloning Oracle Applications Release 11i with Rapid Clone (Doc ID 230672.1)


      I see :


      1-Update profile options

      Rapid Clone updates only site level profile options. If any other profile options are set to instance specific values, you must update them manually.



      3-Update workflow configuration settings

      Cloning an Oracle Applications instance will not update the host and instance specific information used by Oracle Workflow. Review the following tables and columns to verify there is no instance specific data in the Workflow configuration on the Target System.


      How can I 1-Update profile options and 3-Update workflow configuration settings ?


      Thank you.

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          Pravin Takpire

          do you wan to have WF mailer active in cloned instance ? If no then you don't need to worry about this. If yes then set the manually WF mailer values.

          Can you login as SYSADMIN--> System Administrator --> Oracle Application Manager --> Workflow Manager




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            Thank you.

            Is it the same for :

            -Update profile options



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              The title of point 3 (update workflow configuration settings) is misleading. It lists a number of tables that have columns which contain instance-specific values. Not all of them are related to workflow.

              You should update the tables manually to reflect the new host name.


              For the profile options, use the below query to identify them:


              SELECT   po.user_profile_option_name, po.profile_option_name name,

                       DECODE (TO_CHAR (pov.level_id),

                               '10001', 'SITE',

                               '10002', 'APPL',

                               '10003', 'RESP',

                               '10004', 'USER',


                              ) "LEVEL",

                       DECODE (TO_CHAR (pov.level_id),

                               '10001', '',

                               '10002', app.application_short_name,

                               '10003', rsp.responsibility_name,

                               '10004', usr.user_name,


                              ) context,

                       pov.profile_option_value value,

                       pov.last_update_date ,

                       pov.last_updated_by, usrlst.user_name

                  FROM fnd_profile_options_vl po,

                       fnd_profile_option_values pov,

                       fnd_user usr,

                       fnd_application app,

                       fnd_responsibility_vl rsp,

                       fnd_user usrlst

                 WHEREusrlst.user_id =  pov.last_updated_by

                   AND pov.application_id = po.application_id

                   AND pov.profile_option_id = po.profile_option_id

                   AND usr.user_id(+) = pov.level_value

                   AND rsp.application_id(+) = pov.level_value_application_id

                   AND rsp.responsibility_id(+) = pov.level_value

                   AND app.application_id(+) = pov.level_value


                   AND pov.profile_option_value like '%old host name%'

              ORDER BY name, pov.level_id, value;





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                Thank you.

                can we update the tables in SQLPLUS ?



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                  Pravin Takpire

                  yes you can,