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    Query on Pie Chart creation with data in different format


      I have data in different format, like as below:


      Attribute                         Null percent (in %)

      ----------------                    ---------------------------

      Status                                   12.83

      Location                                 7.12

      ..........                                 .........

      ..........                                   so on



      This null percent is actually percentage of null occurrence for that variate/attribute with respect to total number of records in the sample (subset) taken from the population.

      I want to show this percentage in pie chart with one pie chart for one each attribute. So, in this case there will be two pie chart, one for status and one for Location.


      The data above is simply percent value, it does not talk of rest of the remaining percent for each attribute ( for Status say 100 - 12.83 = 87.27). Can I draw a pie chart assuming the whole circle as 100% and this 12.83% as one slice (so basically two slice with one of 12.83 and the remaining 87.27 as another bigger slice).


      I am using 11g.


      Please suggest.