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    getting an error message in iProcurement when clicking the Star icon (Favorites) then pencil icon


      In iProcurement responsibility, the user wants to manage his favorites list by clicking the Star icon(Favorites) and then the Pencil Icon. First, he clicked the "add to Favorites" for some items so it will be added to his list. Then he tried to manage his favorites list. But upon clicking the star>pencil icon, he got an error message. ("You have encountered an expected error. Please contact the System Administrator for assistance. Click here for exceptional details.")


      We tried replicating the issue in our test instance and in production instance using sysadmin account. But we didn't encountered the issue. What could be the possible reason of him getting the error message upon clicking manage favorites in iProcurement? (Star icon then pencil icon) (R12.2.3 version). Thanks!


      Please see attached for the screenshot of error encountered of the user.