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    How to disable "pscan"


      Hi ALL,


      EBS R12.2.4





      We have just migrated our EBS 11i to EBS 12.2.4 via fresh install and setup.

      Our target new server is more powerful than the old server of 11i, but our 11i perfornance was good  and have less complaints.


      But now in EBS R12.2.4 users are complaining that the system is slow.


      I checked/monitored the OS performance via "top" command, and I saw this process "pscan"  very resource intensive.

      I have not seen this process in any of our other installations. I googled it and it seem for RAC config only?



      How do I stop or disable it? Are the following commands correct>


      Stop and disable the SCAN VIP(s) and Listener(s):

      srvctl stop scan_listener

      srvctl stop scan

      sudo srvctl disable scan

      srvctl disable scan_listener

      If you decide later to use SCAN you can easily activate it or recreate /

      change the amount of SCAN VIPs and Listeners.

      Kind regards,