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      can you help me, please!


      for OBIEE 12c do not understand the part of having an option of creating reports and visual analyzer

      my question is:


      do the same?

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          yes they do

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            Gianni Ceresa


            Not sure to get what your question is ...

            Are you asking if Visual Analyzer in OBIEE 12c is the same thing as Answers and Dashboard (so the "old" way of doing things that was there already in 11g and earlier) ?

            No, they aren't the same, they work in a different way and they target different needs. Also important to keep in mind that Visual Analyzer require an additional license (get in touch with your account manager for details).

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              thanks for your answer, I just want to know how is the difference between visual analizer and generate reports.



              because I see that do the same!



              but I want to know why they are and that make each of these components:


              • Data Exploration & Discovery
              • Analysis and Interactive Reporting
              • and Published Reporting



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                Christian Berg

                If you "see that do the same" then you can't have looked very close at the three products. Totally different things.

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                  Gianni Ceresa

                  Sorry, are you really saying that Visual Analyzer and analysis & dashboard do the same thing?

                  c13f9574-c5c5-410d-8277-d58d1eb79e96 wrote:


                  because I see that do the same!

                  Are you really looking at OBIEE 12c? Because they look and act different enough to not really see them as "do the same" ...

                  If you expect one to make coffee and the other one burgers I agree they do the same, but one doing coffee and the other one doing tea .... both use warm water but aren't really the same ...

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                    Thomas Dodds
                    • Data Exploration & Discovery  - use to uncover questions about your business you didn't know you needed to ask
                    • Analysis and Interactive Reporting - use to interactively answer known questions about your business; built on an information model designed knowing the use of information; on-screen decision making
                    • and Published Reporting - use when you need to print out or distribute an official report (regulatory, mail-merge, etc)


                    DEFINITELY NOT THE SAME TOOLS because the USE/INTENT is different.