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    Impact of FND_USER change on OBIEE users


      Good afternoon,

      We have a need to modify all of the EBusiness Suite usernames due to a rebrand, in an environment that is linked to an implementation of OBI Apps Changing the username in EBS looks straightforward.


      However, what is the impact of this to the OBI technology (OBIEE Do we need to do anything to allow the BI functionality to continue working from a security standpoint? What about custom analyses and customised dashboard pages/saved filters etc - will these be lost?




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          Christian Berg

          Uugh nasty use case. Basically it starts with a question: How did you integrate the security between EBS and OBIEE?


          As far as OBI itself is concerned you will definitely run into a funky situation with the presentation catalog security and artifacts. Theoretically 11g is GUID-oriented but renames aren't really covered with regards to propagation of changes down to the file system level for the presentation catalog. So basically the customizations will be tricky to salvage.