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    OBIEE 12c customization parent folders location




      We have installed OBIEE12c in windows servers 2012.After successful installation process,skin and styles were pointed to ALTA by default.Next, we have migrated 11g .jar file to 12c environments.Now,Home page header section pointed to "ALTA" and other sections pointed to "blafp" skin and style.I want all sections should point to ALTA,we have seen same res folder available in different locations.I am referring the below locations as parent location.




      Instanceconfig.xml pointed to ALTA.


      Can some help me here

      1. How to identify the actual folder location of skin and style folders?

      2.Why few images are referring blafp skin and style?

      3.What are all the config files need to update?

      4.Is there any chance that 11g .jar file migration overwrite the 12c skin and styles?