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    How to Use Presentation Variable in Prompt Default Selection


      I have 2 prompt sections I want to link via a presentation variable and SQL statement in the default selection portion of the prompt edit screen.  The first prompt section contains customer information and then second prompt section contains industry information.  These sections have to be separate because I want to allow the user to be able to choose the customer to be compared to the default industry or another one of their choosing.  I'm specifically interested in having the industry field in second section read the presentation variable of the customer field in first section and automatically populate this customer's industry value.


      I almost solved how to do this in my specific situation.  I have the syntax down and have successfully tested it using actual values.  I also got the presentation variable to work when the industry and customer fields are in the SAME prompt section.  The variable is NOT read correctly when they are in different sections, however.  I'm looking for a suggestion to overcome this specific obstacle.  Here is the code I have:

      SELECT "Customer"."Industry" FROM "Order" WHERE "Customer"."Customer" = '@{PV_name}'