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    Deploy a custom webservice in R12

    Luis Brieva

      Hello, I have a custom webservice (it makes a call to a db package), I am trying to deploy this webservice (.ear file) in weblogic console (in the admin server) but I got this error:


      Icono de Mensaje: Error [J2EE:160149]Error while processing library references. Unresolved application library references, defined in weblogic-application.xml: [Extension-Name: beehive-controls-1.0.1-10.0, Specification-Version: 1, exact-match: true], [Extension-Name: sb-transport-control-10.0, Specification-Version: 10, exact-match: true], [Extension-Name: weblogic-controls-10.0, Specification-Version: 10, exact-match: true], [Extension-Name: wls-commonslogging-bridge, Specification-Version: 1, exact-match: true].


      This is the way to deploy a custom webservice in EBS R12?


      Any help would by appreciate.